Aikido Class Descriptions

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Adult Aikido Classes (ages 13 and over - or with instructor permission

The basic premise of Aikido is that the mind and body act together. The movements of Aikido are designed to coordinate the defending and attacking bodies so that the force of attack can be diverted harmlesssly and redirected. In this way, Aikido harmonizes all motion in a positive way instead of trying to conflict with or stop aggression. Aikido students gain a deeper knowledge of many aspects of themselves. They learn concentration and relaxation; they develop sensitivity, coordination and perception; they build stamina and self-confidence as well as maintain cardiovascular fitness. Through serious Aikido training, one develops the ability to respond positively to any stressful situation.

Aikido classes consist of:
1) stretching and loosening exercises;
2) meditation for concentration and calmness;
3) techniques of self-defense; and
4) points of Aikido philosophy.

 Basics Aikido (ages 10 and over - or with instructor permission)

The SMAC Basics Class is designed for beginners. The goal of this class is to introduce beginners to the basic ideas and movement of Aikido and to equip them with basic skills (such as how to fall and roll) that will allow them to practice techniques without fear of injury.

In this class the students also learn basic dojo etiquette, Aikido Terminology and basic exercises for developing mind and body coordination.Class Curriculum will includes Posture and Breathing, Stretching and Warm-up exercises, Body movement and Coordination exercises, Tumblingand Safe Falling Skills (ukemi), An Introduction to basic Attack forms (strikes and holds), Blending or harmonizing with an attack versus struggling, Basic pinning techniques.

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